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Check out the two new toons! PayPal's Seller Protection Policy, aka, Seller Punishment Policy and PayPal's Terms of Service, aka, Terms of Servitude

The two pages you must read on this site are:

  • PayPal's Seller Punishment Policy

  • PayPal's Chargeback Policy

    These are real problems as taken right from PayPal's site. This isn't just about people not getting what that they paid for, it's how PayPal manipulates the system to their financial gain, while letting their customers foot the bill.

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    For over 5 years PayPal has been abusing it's customers and position in the marketplace. Several sites have documented this abuse and have had varying degrees of success in righting the wrongs. This site hopes to make people think about what is happening, not only with PayPal, but eBay as well. Plus offer some help not found on other sites.